Buckle belt


Colours: Black/Red/Dark Brown

RM 20

Butterfly Belt


Colours: White/Black

RM 20

Rockers Belt


Colours: Cream/Dark Brown

RM 20


Printed Top

Size: Fit S/M

Colour: Brown/Grey

RM 25

Size : Fits S/M

Colours: Purple (AVAILABLE) Blue (AVAILABLE) Green (AVAILABLE) Pink (SOLD)

RM 35

Colour: Brown / Grey

Size: Fits S/M

RM 25

Size: Fits S/M


From left to right:

Nellie, Audrey, Anna and Aimee

RM 20

Miko (top dresses) and Aiko (bottom dresses)

RM 15

Colours: Red, Green, Orange, Grey, Pink, Blue

Hey babes,

Work has taken time away from me so I’ve been neglecting the blogshop a lot. I’m starting on a new venture soon, so would like to clear up all the stock that I have to make room for new ones! >.<

Everything will be on sale, rock bottom prices and I will post them one by one soon.

Happy shopping!

Hey girls,

We’ll be at Pick & Grab this weekend at Hartamas Square!!!

hari raya png

hartamas square map

Come and join us!

Babes we’ll be at the Bizarre Bazaar this weekend held at Mist Club, Bangsar.

mist poster


Here’s the Facebook link for more information!

pssst: Drinks start from only RM5!!!

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